Sunday, March 31, 2013

part 2 speedometer cable install pictures and video

 Installation Of Speedometer Cable Adapter
Should it become necessary to remove and install the speedometer cable adapter from the
transmission on all Legacy and Impreza vehicles equipped with 4EAT, make sure the rubber
gasket and the metal flat washer beneath the adapter are also removed. These parts normally
will stay attached to the adapter but sometimes may break loose and stay in the case.
If you fail to remove them and you are installing a new transmission in the vehicle, these
missing parts may cause the speedo gear shaft to bind, possibly resulting in stripped speedo
drive gears. However, if you are replacing just the adapter, be certain that the old rubber gasket
and flat washer are removed since the new adapter comes with these parts attached. If the
new adapter is installed on top of the old parts, it may not engage the shaft properly.
When tightening the adapter, caution should be taken not to overtighten it.
The following procedure is recommended when installing the unit.
Hand tighten the cable adapter until it bottoms out.
Using a wrench, tighten the adapter by rotating it clockwise 45 to 90 degrees.
No additional tightening is required.

part 2 speedometer cable install pictures and video
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end of speedometer cable
side of transmission
right here in the middle of the pic is where the end of the cable screws into the transmission
same thing different view



  1. Hello! This is exactly what happened to my Subaru Impreza Outback Sport!

    I noticed that once I get all of the old speedometer cable adapter stuff out of the fitting (including the rubber and washer), there is a bunch of black crap in there (which I can also see in your photos!). Should this be cleaned out prior to installing new adapter?

    Also, I could just pull the cable all the way out from the back of the gauges. Does this indicate that I need a new cable?

    Thanks so much!!!

    1. the black "crap" in the two pictures is the rubber washer it stayed in place when i removed the speedo cable. if you have allready removed one rubber gasket and there is a second one still stuck this is probly what caused the cable to bind.(someone messed up and installed on on top of the other)
      i would suggest removing the old gasket and useing the new gasket provided in the OEM KIT ... as far as pulling the cable out of the rear of the cluster... im not sure but i dont think so, is It Loose? when you plug it in out does it stay in place?