Tuesday, September 10, 2013

OBS to the rescue ( This Weekend Subie fest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) http://www.subiefest.com/

Had a great last weekend with the Subaru Crew gonna have a even better weekend coming up @ Subiefest. Here's some pis of the OBS moving some heavy essential equipment.

 in this picture you can see a engine hoist strapped to the rack of the OBS
everyone thought this was a bad idea i said fuck it!
in this picture you can see a ej22tt in the back of the OBS
this is the first time this OBS has been this close to a TT engine
it took 3 guys to lift it into the back of the OBS, driving to the shop the wheels were rubbing.
when we got to the shop, we had a f'd up time rigging up a broken hoist but we made it work!

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